Tipping in Japan-2022 Guide

Tipping in Japan Guide

During my first days in Japan finding out that I didn’t need to tip at a restaurant was a pleasant surprise. The service was unbelievable—polite manners with a wonderful smile gave the experience a ceremonious … Read more

Is It Polite to Burp in Japan?

Don't burb in Japan

Japanese culture is very polite, refined, and intricate. The Japanese are a people that value tradition, cleanliness, and politeness, but many cultures around the world find different manners polite or impolite and can vary greatly. … Read more

Is It OK to Wear Red in Japan?

Is it OK to wear red in Japan

Different cultures around the world all have their interpretations of appropriate dress and the associated colors for a variety of situations, incorporated into their culture and traditions. This can make it difficult to avoid accidentally … Read more

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